Some preemptive measures to take before laser eye surgery

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There are no limits on medications, eating, or drinking before your laser eye surgery procedure, so you may go about your business as normal. It is recommended to take a little meal before the treatment to prevent coming on an empty stomach. Because the procedure room may be cool, dress comfortably, including a sweater or hoodie.

You should remove all eye makeup and avoid touching your face one week before your laser eye surgery procedure. No cologne, perfume, hairspray, or other fragrances should be worn on the day of the procedure. You may be asked to wash your face with a light soap before entering the laser chamber.

Soft contact lenses must be removed at least one week before surgery if you wear them. Gas permeable lenses should be removed three weeks before surgery.

Because you will be unable to drive after the procedure, private transportation should be booked ahead of time. Please inform Drs. Alsheikh or Terry at least 48 hours in advance if you need transportation assistance.

Before beginning the procedure, Preparation

During the preparation for laser eye surgery, ocular drops will be placed in the eye being operated on at regular intervals. Antibiotic eye drops (to aid in infection prevention) and anti-inflammatory eye drops (to reduce swelling and discomfort). Furthermore, the drugs dilate the eye, which allows the laser to track it more accurately.

You have the option of taking 10mg of valium before the therapy to help you relax. It is absolutely up to you whether you take the drug or not.

Before entering the laser chamber, we will also inspect your eyes using a slit light to verify that everything is in order.

Within the Operating Theater

Before entering the room, the laser has already been preprogrammed with your prescription. It will just take a few seconds to get you properly positioned under the laser microscope. A lid speculum is put over the eye to prevent blinking. Furthermore, the second eye will be completely covered throughout the therapy.

A cracking or clicking sound will be heard when the laser starts to function. This gets increasingly audible as the surgery progresses, as is customary. You will be exposed to the laser for around 30-60 seconds, and the whole procedure will take just a few minutes.

Dr. Terry will describe each step of the laser eye surgery as it happens. You will be kept fully informed during the procedure and will feel no pain.

Observing the Procedure

You will be taken immediately to the recovery room after leaving the laser chamber, where you will be given pain medication and must wait 20-30 minutes for observation. We will provide you with a package including the medicine and eye drops you will need for the next several days. You can check laser eye surgery costs by clicking here.

Adherence to these rules is essential for optimal recovery. Following your doctor’s visit, you will be handed over to your driver, who will drive you home and enable you to rest with your eyes closed for four hours.

Try not to get water in your eyes. Directly

Bacteria may grow just as quickly on the surface of cosmetics as they can in water. As a consequence, it is crucial for LASIK patients who have had laser eye surgery to avoid putting any water directly into their eyes.

That is not to say you should avoid washing while recovering from laser eye surgery (and you should). When bathing, however, you should keep your eyelids closed, at least for the first week or two after laser eye surgery.

The flap formed following laser eye surgery is healing, and if any germs penetrate your eye, an infection may occur. If you choose to get laser eye surgery in the summer, you should also avoid swimming.

This means no hot tubs, lakes, ponds, or oceans for at least a month after laser eye surgery. Consult your doctor to find out when you may resume any water exercise. Visit to read about Some uncommon tips about laser eye surgery.

Wear Sunglasses That Protect Against UVA and UVB Rays If You Go Outside

In a metropolis like Houston, the sun is almost always shining. That is favorable, but you must ensure that you are prepared to protect your eyes from the harsh Houston sun after laser eye surgery. When you go outdoors, you must wear sunglasses that protect you from UVA and UVB rays.

Because your eyes will be more sensitive after laser eye surgery, you should always wear sunglasses. You may choose to wear them indoors if your house is bright.

It is usual for individuals to have light sensitivity after laser eye surgery, although this should fade within a week or two. Even if your sensitivity to light improves, you should continue to wear sunglasses outdoors.

Sunglasses shield your eyes not only from the sun but also from dust and particles in the air. This is crucial if you have any symptoms of dry eye. Consult your eye doctor if you’re confused about which sunglasses to buy.

Our Houston optical store, Diagnostic Eye Center, has the most recent fashion and style trends in frames and sunglasses, as well as a wide range of lens options. This makes choosing superb, safe eyewear after laser eye surgery a breeze.

Refrain from Rubbing Your Eyes

It takes time for the cornea to recover after laser eye surgery and scratching your eyes may result in the flap being displaced or developing wrinkles.

Following your surgery, you will be given goggles or another eye protection to wear. Your doctor may advise you to wear them at night for the first week. This is to prevent you from accidentally touching your eyes while sleeping.

It is crucial to avoid touching your eyes for about a month after laser eye surgery. Your doctor will decide when you are entirely healed and may continue rubbing your eyes – but, excessively massaging your eyes is never a good idea! Notify your doctor if you often massage your eyes due to dryness or irritation.

Final thoughts

With the advice in this article, you should be able to properly control the side effects after laser eye surgery. Please feel free to re-read the suggestions for a better understanding.